Press Release Writing

Learn all about press release writing, from crafting news angles and headlines to handling your own press release distribution.

Make Your Press Releases Newsworthy

Is your press release newsworthy? That’s the first question members of the media are going to ask when they read any news release you send them. Well, that and “will my audience care about this?” But we’ll get to targeting...

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The 5 Ws of Press Release Writing

When learning how to write a press release, you'll often see two important bits of advice: Use the inverted pyramid. Cover the "5 Ws" in your press release introduction (or lede). We'll go into the inverted pyramid in more depth...

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What is the Purpose of a Press Release?

We’ve already looked at what press releases are (and aren’t). So let’s take the basics to the next level — what is the purpose of a press release? A decade or two ago, the answer to this question was easy. The purpose of a...

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What is a Press Release?

You want to issue press releases for your business. You know they can lead to media exposure and even high quality backlinks from authority websites. But what is a press release exactly (and what are they designed to do)? By understanding what press releases...

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Balancing PR and SEO in Online Press Release Distribution

Press releases have been around for over 100 years. While we might distribute them a little differently now given the advent of online press release distribution, the goal is still the same — get your news in the hands...

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Press Releases, News Releases, Media Releases, Web Releases – Huh?

As a small business owner interested in press release writing and distribution, it’s quite possible that you’re going to come across a few different terms for the same thing: press releases news releases media releases Web releases Why do we...

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