How to Write “Scannable” Content for Your Company Blog

People read differently on the web than they might in print. Readers often visually scan an article, your marketing copy, or a blog post before (or in lieu of) reading your material in full. That’s why it’s important to create scannable content for your company blog. Making your company’s blog content more scannable isn’t difficult. … Read more

5 Tips for Better Business Writing

Writing impacts your business on a daily basis whether you realize it or not. Effective copywriting makes your ads successful. Strong PR writing is what convinces members of the media to pick up your news story from your press release. Your web copy convinces visitors to become customers. Think about it for a minute. Business … Read more

How to Make Your Old Blog Content Rank Higher in Google

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for SEMrush. This means if you purchase one of their packages, I might receive a commission. Improving your company’s search engine rankings can bring customers directly to your virtual door. But improving your search visibility doesn’t always mean publishing more content. You can also make your old blog content … Read more

Your Brand & The Benefits of Owned Media

When it comes to seeking visibility or exposure for your brand, you have plenty of options to choose from—traditional media, social networks, blogs, and more. One of the best paths is something called “owned media.” Let’s explore the concept of owned media, what sets it apart from key alternatives, and why it’s worth investing time … Read more