Below you will find several examples of my previous business writing and editing work. These represent a small portion of past projects. If you do not see a sample relevant to your own project request, feel free to contact me. I’ll privately send more suitable samples when appropriate (not ghostwritten or under non-disclosure agreements) and available.

Business Web Content Writing & Business Blogging

The following business-related articles were written for various paying clients on topics such as marketing, consulting, online PR, and freelancing:

Here is a combination content writing / editing project done for The Napoleon Blownaparts frontman, Ajax Garcia. The work included writing the three-paragraph introduction and editing the overall interview:

Press Release Writing

The following samples represent my experience in writing press releases for internationally-based small businesses, online businesses, larger corporate clients and independent or creative professionals:

White Papers / Case Studies / E-books

The samples below represent white papers and case studies completed for clients or my own business use (new company white papers and templates will periodically be added to the downloads page) :

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