Reputational Risks of Low-Quality Content

You put a lot of work into your company’s content strategy. You have a blog, perhaps a video channel, maybe a podcast, some long-form content. But low-quality content can ruin your reputation despite even the strongest strategy. Don’t let low-quality content be the downfall of your brand’s reputation. Here’s how you can identify it, avoid … Read more

5 Tips for Better Business Writing

Writing impacts your business on a daily basis whether you realize it or not. Effective copywriting makes your ads successful. Strong PR writing is what convinces members of the media to pick up your news story from your press release. Your web copy convinces visitors to become customers. Think about it for a minute. Business … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your DIY Business Writing

Not all business writing requires the help of a professional writer. Being one, that’s tough to say. But it’s the truth. Some business communication is quite simple — an email to a vendor or colleague, a memo to your employees, a quick social media update (as opposed to a broader campaign). And sometimes you need … Read more

The Big List of Business Writing Projects

Business writing is important to companies large and small, and even to independent professionals. It helps you sell products and services. It helps you develop and earn exposure for your brand. It keeps you in touch with important groups (from customers to employees). And the quality of your business writing can have a direct impact … Read more