Web Copywriting / Copyediting

Are you launching a new website for your business? Does your current site need a little extra oomph?

Whether you’re just starting out or you feel you should be getting more out of your website, a professional Web copywriter can help you take your site from adequate to inspiring.

Professional Web copywriting plays a role in getting your visitors to do what you want them to do, increasing conversions to:

  • Land more sales;
  • Get more sign-ups;
  • Increase subscribers;
  • Build more trust;
  • Position you (or your company) as an authority in your niche or industry;
  • and more.

The Role of Effective Web Copy

Unlike Web content (articles), Web copy is designed to influence the reader in some way. It can be overt like a sales page, or it can be much more subtle, such as a company’s “About” page.

Web copy persuades.

The purpose of the copy on a company’s website is to persuade the reader to do something. That might mean driving them to action — to buy a product or to sign up for a newsletter.

However, Web copy also persuades on another level. I mentioned a company’s “About” page previously. What is the copy on that page designed to persuade a reader to do?

It’s designed to persuade (or influence) the reader to trust the company or view it as an authority in its field. Information such as how long a company has been in business, executive bios, or details on the type of work a company has done previously all play a role in convincing the reader that your company is respectable, knowledgeable, and one they want to do business with.

What Does a Professional Web Copywriter do for You?

Your copywriter or copyeditor understands the role of your Web copy in marketing your business or website. They will take the time to research the audience or market your website is targeting, as well as research influencing factors (the things that motivate your particular audience to action, or the things that build trust with that audience).

They then take that market research and incorporate it into compelling copy for your website that leads to action or builds a certain image.

In other words, a Web copywriter helps your website become more than text on a page — they help your site get results.

Rates (Web Copywriting / Copyediting)

Please review my copywriting and copyediting rates below, view sample work in my portfolio, and contact me if you have any questions or would like to check my availability for your project.

Pages* Price
Copywriting (per-page) $750+
Copyediting (per-page) $500+

*Per-page prices will be quoted based on the nature of the copy. Short copy (such as a collection of slogan ideas) will not necessarily cost less than longer copy (a 500 word About Us page for your website). Listed rates are the minimum billed per page / per project.

Please note that web copywriting is not the same as web content writing (articles and blog posts). Please see my freelance blogging rates separately for those projects.

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