How to Write “Scannable” Content for Your Company Blog

People read differently on the web than they might in print. Readers often visually scan an article, your marketing copy, or a blog post before (or in lieu of) reading your material in full. That’s why it’s important to create scannable content for your company blog. Making your company’s blog content more scannable isn’t difficult. … Read more

How to Make Your Old Blog Content Rank Higher in Google

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for SEMrush. This means if you purchase one of their packages, I might receive a commission. Improving your company’s search engine rankings can bring customers directly to your virtual door. But improving your search visibility doesn’t always mean publishing more content. You can also make your old blog content … Read more

How to Identify Credible Sources for Your Blog Content

We’re living through a disinformation age. And that goes well beyond political reporting. Credible sources are lacking in all sorts of online content, from blog posts to YouTube videos. Your business blog should be an exception. Let’s look at why linking to credible sources is vital in your business blogging. Then I’ll give you some … Read more

Do You Need a Blog Style Guide?

When it comes to business blogs, consistency across your content is important. But what happens if more than one person manages your blog content, and the style and quality aren’t always the same? That’s where a blog style guide can come in handy. Let’s take a look at what a style guide is, what it … Read more

5 Types of Blog Content Your Business Can Use Again & Again

Sometimes the most difficult part of business blogging is knowing what to write about. While it’s a good idea to pre-plan your blog post topics with an editorial calendar, that isn’t always where you’ll find yourself. Fortunately, some blog post ideas are reusable, so your next topic idea might be sitting right in your post … Read more

What to do if Your Blog Content Quality Isn’t up to Snuff

Blog content, when done right, should benefit your business. That might mean directly converting readers into buyers. It might mean driving more traffic to your site through search engine rankings. Or it might help you build or maintain a good reputation among customers or others in your industry. But what happens when your blog content … Read more