3 Ways to Build Your Own Media List for Press Release Distribution

We’ve been talking about manual press release distribution recently — when you directly send your news, in a personalized way, to hand-picked target media outlets rather than relying on a press release distribution service. But how do you know which journalists to send your news release to? Before you think about distribution, you’ll want to build a … Read more

When Manual Press Release Distribution Makes Sense

In my last post, I introduced you to the concept of manual press release distribution — which, in most cases, will involve emailing your news release to hand-picked and well-targeted media outlets. Today let’s talk about when that might be a better option than using a press release distribution website. Here are a couple of … Read more

Press Release Distribution Dos & Don’ts

Normally we focus on writing here. And recently I’ve shared a lot of information about writing press releases for your business. But what happens after you write your release (or hire a professional to write it for you)? Then it’s time to focus on press release distribution. While I write press releases for clients, I no … Read more

Tips for Formatting Press Release End Matter

We’ve already looked at tips on writing press release headlines and tips for formatting your press release body (the main content). Today let’s look at the last stage of formatting your news release: the end matter. But first, the all-important question: What is Press Release End Matter? In its simplest terms, your press release end matter is … Read more

Tips for Formatting Your Press Release Body

In my last post, we looked at tips for writing press release headlines. Now we’re going to look at the “meat” of your press releases — the press release body. This is where you go beyond grabbing a journalist’s attention and give them all of the important information they would need if they decide to write … Read more

Tips for Writing Press Release Headlines

Press release headlines are one of the most important factors in whether or not your releases attract media and blog coverage. The headline is the first thing journalists see, whether they find your release online or in their email inbox. These three simple tips can help you format and write better headlines for your next press … Read more

What is a Press Release?

You want to issue press releases for your business. You know they can lead to media exposure and even high quality backlinks from authority websites. But what is a press release exactly (and what are they designed to do)? By understanding what press releases are all about, you can make them work harder for your business. But first… What … Read more

Balancing PR and SEO in Online Press Release Distribution

Press releases have been around for over 100 years. While we might distribute them a little differently now given the advent of online press release distribution, the goal is still the same — get your news in the hands of interested people. While news dissemination is still the primary purpose of press releases, search engine … Read more