Business Web Content Writing

Why does Web content writing matter to your business? Well, it can be used in article marketing, niche blogging, informational and educational articles on your company website, and in email newsletters to your subscribers. By educating your audience with effective Web content writing, you can more easily demonstrate your authority status in your company’s niche or industry.

Asking Your Freelance Writer to do This Could Damage Your Reputation

There's a trend in the freelance writing and content marketing communities that could be problematic for you if you jump on board. I take particular interest in this trend because it's often perpetrated by supposed PR professionals (of which...

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A Major Content Marketing Mistake Companies Still Make

It appears that "content marketing" will be just as hot of a topic this year as it was in business circles last year. Unfortunately many businesses still don't understand the most basic principle of content marketing, and it's causing...

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Do You Have a Content Marketing Strategy?

Does your business have a content marketing strategy? Are you using content effectively in your marketing, PR, and social media efforts? Do you even know what a content marketing strategy is? Let's talk about it today. What is Content Marketing? Content...

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How Writing for Readers Appeals to Search Engines

In business writing for the Web, there's still often this misconception that to rank well in search engines you have to keyword-stuff your content, reach certain keyword densities, keep your content to a specific length range, etc. No. You...

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