Does your business have a content marketing strategy? Are you using content effectively in your marketing, PR, and social media efforts? Do you even know what a content marketing strategy is? Let’s talk about it today.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is when you create, distribute, and encourage the sharing of content with the intention of reaping marketing benefits for your business. Those marketing benefits might be direct sales or greater audience engagement with your business through that content. Content might be text-based as in articles or it might involve other content formats such as data collections, audio, images, and video.

15 Content Marketing Tools

Here are fifteen tools you might use in your company’s content marketing strategy:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Infographics
  3. Web-based articles for article marketing
  4. Guest blog posts / feature articles
  5. Online video
  6. Reports / white papers
  7. E-books
  8. Podcasts / audio
  9. SEO articles
  10. Newsletter content
  11. Webinars / e-courses
  12. Social media profiles (tweets, updates, etc.)
  13. Widgets
  14. Databases
  15. Feeds

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you’ve ever thought about the concept of “content marketing” or not, chances are good you’re already using one or more of these tools in your overall marketing strategy. The key to creating a true content marketing strategy is to find ways to use content in new and better ways to achieve those marketing goals. As with any other strategy or plan, it’s important to choose the tools that offer the best ROI for your individual business — ones that will have the most impact with your target audience.

So start working on your company’s new content marketing strategy today. Make the content you already create and distribute in your business work even harder for you. And if you need help creating that content, contact me with your project specs. I might just be able to help.

Jennifer Mattern
Jennifer Mattern is a freelance blogger, business writer, and PR consultant specializing in working with small businesses and independent and creative professionals. In addition to writing for others for 20 years and having 17 years experience in PR and online marketing, Jenn has been blogging for 15 years and runs several blogs of her own including All Freelance Writing, NakedPR, and Kiss My Biz.

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