What Can Case Studies do for Your Business?

When it comes to marketing your business, there are a wide variety of business writing and content marketing strategies out there. Coming up with the right strategy will involve choosing the best business writing tools for your company. For example, you might use white papers, blog posts, and email marketing campaigns. Another option you might … Read more

What is Copywriting?

If you’re in the market to hire a professional business writer, you’ll likely find writers offering content writing services and copywriting services. To help you choose the best business writer for your project, it’s important to understand the difference. Let’s look at what content writing and copywriting are, along with a few examples of each. … Read more

Resources & Tutorials

If you’re not quite ready to hire a professional business writer, you’re looking to learn more about business writing before you do hire a writer, or you simply want to try your own hand at business writing projects, my free downloads below will give you a place to start. Here you’ll find free business templates, … Read more