What is Copywriting?

If you’re in the market to hire a professional business writer, you’ll likely find writers offering content writing services and copywriting services. To help you choose the best business writer for your project, it’s important to understand the difference.

Let’s look at what content writing and copywriting are, along with a few examples of each.

Content Writing

When you hire a business writer to write content for your company, you’re hiring them to write something that will:

  • Inform;
  • Educate;
  • Entertain.

This includes projects such as blog posts, feature articles, or e-book content. There is generally little to no direct selling in content writing, which is why it’s so important to hire a qualified copywriter if that’s your goal.


On the other hand, copywriting is designed to:

  • Influence;
  • Persuade;
  • Sell.

This can include direct “hard” sales copy, such as a sales letter. It includes public relations copy, such as press release writing. And it includes much more subtle copy such as the About page on your website — which is designed to influence visitors into considering you a trustworthy company or authority in your niche or industry based on your background.

Of course there can be some overlap between content writing and copywriting. White papers are a great example. The bulk of the white paper is meant to be informational or educational. Only the closing section of a white paper generally pushes into sales copy.

The best way to find a business writer for your project is to know which area it falls into — content or copy. Then find writers who specialize in what you need. Better yet, search for writers who specialize in your specific project type.

If you need help with an upcoming copywriting project, it never hurts to have a pro in your corner. Get in touch and let me help you with your project today.

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