Business Blogs vs Niche Blogs

You’ve decided that your company should have a blog. But do you know what kind of blog you want to launch? Will it be a “business blog,” or will it be a “niche blog?”

What’s the difference? And does it really matter?

Business-owned blogs offer many benefits including:

  • relationships with potential customers
  • increased visibility
  • direct sales potential
  • trust-building and thought leadership in your industry
  • and so much more.

To get the kinds of benefits you’re looking for, you need to launch the right kind of blog. So let’s explore your two basic options.

Business Blogs vs Niche Blogs

What is a “business blog?”

This is a blog that’s meant to serve as a direct link between you and your customers. It’s where you share company news, announce product launches, offer special discounts for subscribers, post support updates, or focus on thought leadership pieces in your industry.

Now, what is a “niche blog?”

This is a blog about a specific topic, rather than being related to your company directly. It’s designed to educate, inform, or entertain its readers.

What Goes on Each Type of Company Blog?

Let’s look at how these kinds of blogs can differ. We’ll use a web hosting company as an example.

If a web hosting company was to launch a traditional business blog, its posts might include:

  • sale announcements / discount offers;
  • announcements about new service packages or improved resources for customers;
  • maintenance and downtime updates;
  • PR information, such as details about charitable acts and donations;
  • answers to common customer questions;
  • industry news about security threats that might impact its customers.

On the other hand, if the same web hosting company published a niche blog, its posts might include things more along the lines of:

An easy way to think about the differences is this: “niche blogs” are about reaching readers interested in a particular topic, and “business blogs” are about connecting with customers (or potential customers) in a meaningful way.

No matter what type of blog is right for your business, it never hurts to bring a freelance blogger on board to help with the work. When you’re ready, get in touch and let’s talk about how I can assist with content strategy and blogging.

Jennifer Mattern
Jennifer Mattern is a freelance blogger, business writer, and PR consultant specializing in working with small businesses and independent and creative professionals. In addition to writing for others for 20 years and having 17 years experience in PR and online marketing, Jenn has been blogging for 15 years and runs several blogs of her own including All Freelance Writing, NakedPR, and Kiss My Biz.

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