I’ve worked with a variety of clients including small and online businesses, nonprofit organizations, musicians and writers, and larger corporate clients. Here are just a few testimonials from various clients I’ve worked with on press release writing, Web marketing copy, business Web content, and other professional business writing projects:


Hasan Saleem — Owner of DirJournal.com, SocialImplications.com, TemplatesFactory.net (and more)

Past Projects Include: Press release writing, blogging, Web copywriting, email marketing copywriting, copyediting, proofreading, slogan development, linkbait creation, domain name / branding consultation, and e-book writing

“Over the past few years, I have worked with at least 30-40 writers for my sites/blogs but without any doubt, Jennifer is the best of the whole lot. She has worked for me as if she is working on her own project, which is great. She is genuinely a business writer but she is also a very good designer and understands programming as well. I have hired her for press releases, web copy writing, articles, link baits, [and] email campaigns and I never failed.


Mike McAllister – Owner of Inventiv Designs
Past Projects Include:
Feature writing (for a trade publication), press release writing, video script editing, and copyediting

“It is such a pleasure to work with Jenn. There are times that as a designer I get [too] close to the project. I think we all suffer from this from time to time. I find getting Jenn’s prospective [sic] greatly improves the quality of the content and keeps the message fresh.

The communication and ethics I receive from Jenn are industry leading. Never late for a deadline and always is very price competitive.

Working with Jenn will ensure professional content with a very timely delivery.”


Jing Liu – Lead Designer for JUZD Bamboo
Past Projects Include:
Press release writing, press release editing, and copyediting

“I have high expectations of everyone I work with. That’s why I fired my last 3 writers. Then I tried Jenn, she far exceeded my expectations. She’s the PR writer I dream of. (It’s odd that I dream of PR writers….)”


Carl A. Bartol, MPA, Esq. – Founder of The Prevent Delinquency Project
Past Projects Include:
Press release writing, Web content writing, Copywriting

“Over the years I have drafted a few press releases myself with the assistance of others. None of them even came close to this one. I guess it pays to hire a pro.”


Randy Pertiet – DesignerDigitals
Past Projects Include:
Press release writing

“After struggling to write our own press releases, we were happy to find Ms. Mattern for our new product launch. Not only was she very timely but wrote a release for us that was right on topic and of a very high caliber. We WILL be using Ms. Mattern for all our future press releases from now on!”


Kari Sherman – Max & Luther Publications
Past Projects Include:
Press release writing

“As a new business owner, I needed to find expert help on a variety of items. We used Jennifer Mattern to write our first ever press release and she was fantastic. Not only did we receive a professional product that accepted without any changes, it was delivered on-time with very useful suggestions and advice. The value added was priceless. It definitely pays to hire the right people for the job and Jenn is definitely that person. I highly recommend her services and we will be using her again.”

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