E-book Writing

The Business Value of E-books

You might be wondering why a business like yours would ever want to offer e-books? “How can they really help my company grow?” you might ask. E-books can do more than you think. For example, e-books can:

  • Serve as a residual income stream. You have them written once and you can continue to sell digital copies indefinitely without further production costs.
  • Lead to more email subscribers or site memberships. Offer your e-book for free as an incentive to grow your audience or readership and then market paid products through your website or newsletter. E-books put eyes in front of your offers.
  • Build your authority status in your niche or industry. If you want to be viewed as a recognized expert (to stand out among your competition), e-books are excellent PR and marketing tools for getting your name and knowledge out there.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional E-book Author

Now that you understand the ways e-books can help your business, let’s look at some of the reasons you might want to hire a professional e-book writer instead of going the DIY route.

  1. You’re a business owner, not a writer. You can be a brilliant business owner and still not be a strong writer. You might have wisdom to share that customers would happily pay for, but you aren’t sure how to communicate those ideas effectively. A professional e-book writer knows how to take your information, your voice, and your style and turn it into a high quality product on your behalf.
  2. You don’t have the time to write an e-book on your own. Along those same lines, your schedule is probably already busy. You have to manage your own customers, clients, or employees. You have administrative work to handle. You have to market your business and make sales. Taking time off from those business tasks to write your own e-book could cost you far more than hiring a professional e-book writer. In other words, your time is more valuable elsewhere.
  3. You want help through the entire process. There are several different types of e-books (from traditional “information product” .pdf e-books — the most common type I’m asked to write — to e-books that can be read on even the simplest of e-readers). A professional e-book writer should be able to help you from start to finish — picking the right file type for your audience, helping you target your market appropriately before writing, and handling basic design and formatting (although extensive design work might require an outside design professional). That means you don’t have to keep up on all of the latest e-publishing trends. Your professional e-book writer does that for you.

If you’ve decided that hiring a professional e-book writer is the right option for you, consider checking out my own e-book writing services below.

E-book Writing Rates

Please review my e-book writing rates below and contact me if you have any questions or would like to check my availability for your project.

Service Price
E-books Starting at $2000 (for up to 10 pages)


Per-Project E-book Writing Rate Examples

To give you a better idea of your total project cost, here are some examples based on e-books of different lengths:

  • 10 page e-book — $2000
  • 25 page e-book  — $4000
  • 50 page e-book — $7000

*One page equals approximately 400 words for billing purposes, regardless of font size and formatting that affects physical page length variations.

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