You might not know this, but I’m not simply a business writer. I used to own a PR firm where I specialized in online PR and social media consulting. And I’ve spent years helping independent creative professionals and business owners manage their marketing and PR efforts. I even ran a popular PR blog for a while before turning to a full-time career as a writer.

Now I’m turning my attention back to marketing and PR with the upcoming launch of The Bad Marketing Blog.

The Bad Marketing Blog

This blog will be similar in nature to my former blog, NakedPR, in that its primary purpose is to cut through bullshit advice that risks hurting your business more than it helps. But it will also focus on tips and tools you can use to improve your marketing from Day One.

The Bad Marketing Blog is gearing up for launch. And there are a few opportunities for you to get involved.

  1. Visit today to sign up for the email newsletter. Subscribers will have access to content that won’t be published on the blog, and only subscribers will have access to the free downloads I’m planning to release.
  2. If you have marketing or PR questions (such as questions about copywriting or managing your company blog), email them to me at I might use your question on the blog so others can learn from any feedback I’m able to offer. Include your name, company name, and website address if you want to be featured (or let me know in the email if you prefer to remain anonymous).
  3. You can also email your marketing and PR “pet peeves” to be featured in an archived collection of bad marketing advice, marketing-gone-wrong, and pet peeves from marketing and PR pros. Again, include your name, company name, and website address. The first two are required, though the website address is optional. If you’d like me to consider publishing your marketing pet peeve, please try to keep it to fewer than 50 words.

I hope to see you as an active member of The Bad Marketing Blog community when it launches. Don’t miss a thing. Sign up for the email newsletter today and you’ll be notified as soon as the blog launches.

Jennifer Mattern
Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger and freelance business writer. As the owner of 3 Beat Media she is also an author and active Web publisher behind websites including BizAmmo and All Indie Writers.

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