Today is the official release for my latest e-book — the 30 Day Marketing Boot Camp for Freelance Writers tied to the Query-Free Freelancer book and brand. This e-book is an updated version of a past blog series published at All Freelance Writing. Content has been updated and compiled so you can find it all in one place, and four new resources were created to help you through different elements of the marketing boot camp series. Not interested in freelance writing? Check out the original post series at the blog linked above to learn more and then get your copy of the e-book if you think it will help you in your own business. The tools and tactics involved would be a good fit for just about any type of freelance professional looking for an aggressive start to their marketing.

Visit the e-book page to learn more or to order your copy today for just $9.97.

Jennifer Mattern
Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger and freelance business writer. As the owner of 3 Beat Media she is also an author and active Web publisher behind websites including BizAmmo and All Indie Writers.

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